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Mens Black Obsidian Bracelet

This men's Bracelet extends 3 triple protection bracelets: 1, Black Obsidian hematite 8 mm beads Bracelet 2. Blue gilding 3, Black diamond all of our Bracelet are made with 3/4" x 8 mm hardwood, making them strong and durable. The alloy also offers triple the protection against unthinkable damage, including damage from falls and tapping.

Mens Black Obsidian Bracelet Amazon

This Mens Black Obsidian Bracelet offers a Black Obsidian double protection bead Bracelet on the front and a Black leather band at the back, the Bracelet grants a small, round stone in the center. There is a small, round, stone in the center, the Bracelet is fabricated of durable and sturdy Obsidian materials. It is a good way for men and women, this 8 mm natural round gemstone bead Bracelet is hand made with 8 mm natural gems. It is a beautiful Bracelet that will make a top-grade gift, this men's Black Obsidian Bracelet grants two anti-swelling charms. The Bracelet is in like manner magnetic so you can wear it as a Bracelet or as part of a jewelry collection, this Mens Black Obsidian Bracelet is a beautiful necklace with a wolf on a charm in the shape of a tiger. It is fabricated of Obsidian and provides a Black wolf amulet in the center, the necklace is a fantastic addition to each look and is a good piece to add to your wardrobe.