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Kimi No Na Wa Bracelet

No Na is a masculine name and may represent your name, the Bracelet is fashionably designed with a colorful bracelet.

Your Name Bracelet Anime

This anime Bracelet is an unrivaled replica of your name! The chain is produced of best possible materials and is produced to ensure top-rated cosplay hand chains, the Bracelet is produced of tough and strong materials, making it comfortable to wear. This unique and beautiful jewelry is designed to represent the grove on story of a man and woman, the 3 layers of admire jewelry are made from top-quality materials that will make a statement at your next events. This unique and beautiful Bracelet is produced of a line of lace that messages "your name" No Na it is a delicate, delicate piece of jewelry that will make you feel special and special enough, at only $12. 99, you can't help but to wear it every day, the new your name No Na Bracelet is a beautiful that will make your personality stand out. The braid that goes down the middle of the Bracelet is in question mark form, expressing your own name and that of your loved ones, the necklace is likewise in question mark form, with a lightning bolt from the design that indicates the time it was made. 20 inch long by 12 inch wide.