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Flask Bracelet

Our Flask Bracelet is an unrivaled addition to you r3, 5 oz bangle bracelet. This piece is manufactured of stainless steel, which makes it durable and long lasting, the alcohol metal design peerless for a look that is stylish and powerful. The makes it effortless to purchase our Flask Bracelet online.

Bangle Bracelet Flask

This bangle Bracelet Flask gives a bright, bright blue bottle top and a large, large tag that says "flask" on it, the Flask extends a large, large wheel at the front and a small, small wheel at the back. The wheel is hinged so that you can remove the top to see the Flask inside, and the wheel is moreover hinged so that you can fill the Flask with water or oil, the bangle Bracelet Flask is produced of metal and imparts a bright, bright blue color. This necklace is a Flask necklace with brass and stainless steel flasks attached to it, the pike and pincers necklace presents flasks on either side of a hip flask. The necklace is completed with an earrings, this booze bangle Bracelet is a beautiful piece to wear on your wrist. It features cap with a vibrant glow, the Bracelet is also firefly glass watch with a fromage d'or inscription. This piece is sure to give your social media presence a face of value, our alcohol Bracelet Flask is top-notch for enthusiasts who admire to drink! The sleek design means that you'll be able to easily carry this with you anywhere. Also included is a Flask for wine or beer - outstanding for a night out.