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Coro Bracelet Value

The Bracelet is an 3-part necklace and Bracelet collection that explores the spirit and style of the aurora borealis, with its vibrant colors and innovative design, the Bracelet is top for an arctic lifestyle. Made of high-quality materials, this necklace and Bracelet are first-class for and winter athletes.

Coro Hinged Bracelet

This crystals hinged Bracelet is sensational for your opera or circus performance, with its colorful rhinestone silver plate bracelet, you'll be showered with compliments. This 89 Value Bracelet is a beautiful piece of jewelry that will make an excellent addition to your outfit, the Bracelet is produced from silver plate and extends crystals at the bottom. This nine Value Bracelet is a top way for a gift, this Bracelet is a beautiful and unique piece of jewelry. It renders silver plate rivets and is manufactured of 12 kgold- dispensing plastic, the ite is an unrivaled inlay with a beautiful crystal clear design. The ite is set with a way of two-tone colors, the price for this Bracelet is 489 usd. This 89 Value was created with the in mind that anyone who wants to enjoy life should be bracelets and jewelry as often as possible, the Value of this can only be realized as you wear it, as it is manufactured of high-quality silver plate and renders beautiful crystals on either side of the plate. This is a top choice for a special occasion or an everyday piece of jewelry.