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Balance Bracelet

The natural beauty of gems and the healing properties of reiki are why our Balance bracelets are great for anyone, with their unique design and seti-like motif, these bracelets will help bring your life into balance.

Balance Bracelet Walmart

This healthy and elegant Balance Bracelet is unrivalled for balancing your energy and vega up your life, the natural heart-shaped beads are designed to help soothe and capture the five chakras located around your waist, and the";ricting numbers" on the front of the Bracelet make it basic to keep track of your progress. The Bracelet is moreover a valuable alternative to protect your heart and wellbeing, this Balance Bracelet is sterling for the most important rituals in your life. It is a healing Balance bead Bracelet and is fabricated of natural stone, yoga reiki prayer and natural stone, it offers an 7 chakras charm to help you with your own self-awakening. With its durable and sturdy design, this Bracelet will help keep your wrist in good condition, the black color is valuable for everyday wear. Balance Bracelet is a fantastic substitute to keep track of your daily balance, this beautiful power is 17. 5 cm small and made of lightweight materials, it is valuable for a day when you need to stay balanced on the go.